SOFT KNOCKS released 7/17
lp/cd/dl: tenth court

by chapter music [n/a]
downloads [bandcamp]
2017 cassette: tenth court

SHELF LIFE 1994 cd/dl here
2016 LP reissue on

2016 12"LP reissue of 1991 cassette/1996 polycarb 10"
Go to LCMR for the vinyl, downloads here


7" ep 4 songs 1989

very limited edition
polycarbonate 7" 1998

1996. SWE side Procrastination
(alt mix) Vol.1 Spit & A Half Australian Pop series 7"
(a few of these left)



02-06-18 pat solo at alchemix with primitive motion (album launch) +



23-12-17 pat solo at longplay
with caroline no, dion
& jon michell


10-09-17 soft knocks launch
at the bearded lady
with thigh master, scraps
& caroline no +

at east brisbane bowls club
with dag, kitchen's floor, primitive motion, good morning & pop grief
(8 years of bedroom suck records)

08-09-17 at netherworld
with cannon, orlando furious
& air jordans +


03-09-17 sunday afternoon +
at hollywood hotel with oral-b

02-09-17 soft knocks launch
at the union hotel with mope city, spike vincent & busy tones +


29-07-17 pat solo at humdrum espresso with matthew ford
& michael angelheart


09-07-17 instore at record paradise with dag

07-07-17 soft knocks launch
at the gasometer with
thigh master &
the ancients +


21-01-17 pat solo, instore at
sonic sherpa (stones corner)
with shrapnel +



18-12-16 pat solo
at the bearded lady with
dale peachey, brain drain
& jamie and the debt

01-12-16 at the junk bar +


19-11-16 at grand poobah with the pits, ghost drop & resilient gums +


18-11-16 at bella union with maya-dreamer (album launch)

16-11-16 pat solo
at dane's magic shop
with caroline no, jonathan
michell & alanna lorenzon +

13-11-16 at the curtin hotel with the twerps & whipper + +


10-11-16 at the metro with workhorse & goon wizarrd


17-09-16 pat solo
at trainspotters with sarah mary chadwick & matt kennedy

11-06-16 pat solo at bakery lane with primitive motion &
the pits +

16-04-16 (pat solo)
phase 4 with mick medew +
for record store day



28-11-15 at trainspotters with
primitive motion, thigh master
& extrafoxx +


21-11-15 at paddock bash
with see poster: +

31-08-15 (pat solo)
longplay with
caroline no, scratchplate &
eves & kishore ryan +

28-08-15 at the tote with
totally mild, terrible truths,
the shifters &
simona castricum


31-05-15 (pat solo) +
w.e.s.s fiesta with mzaza,
floyd family breakdown & more


10-05-15 at polyester records with free time +

09-05-15 at the bank, preston (bank hootenanny #2)
various bands

03-05-15 at public bar with caroline no & golden crumbs


18-04-15 (pat solo)
the legions club
with pork, he dark age &
the sixteenth century


20-12-14 at the curtin with
the ancients, milk teddy & j

19-12-14 pat solo the tote with mad nanna, big turn & miaux +

14-12-14 at public bar
with seagull & denim owl

11-12-14 at longplay
with the great outdoors

13-10-14 at northcote social club with yes i'm leaving,
teenage libido & exek

11-10-14 at the curtin
(bedroom suck records birthday show)
love of diagrams,
terrible truths, peter escott,
martyr privates, fair maiden, superstar & totally mild

04-10-14 at coburg rsl with
the ancients, ocean party & cool sounds

03-10-14 at longplay with
the inevitable orbit

30-09-14 pat solo the yarra
with caroline no


27-09-14 pat solo
at the time machine
with scraps, scrabbled, primitive motion,
parts unknown/weight unknown
& scissor +



08-08-13 at the end
with leighton craig &
kitchen's floor + +



07-03-08 at IMA
with the deadnotes, ian wadley,
peter charles macpherson
and gary warner(super-8 films) +



23-07-05 pat solo at rics
with guy blackman



11-12-04 boat cruise
barrage, the zebras, death:wolf! & minimum chips +

08-02-04 at the rob roy with panel of judges & mum smokes +

06-02-04 at victoria hotel (brunswick) with the new season
& the tranquilizers +

01-02-04 at the old bar with the mosquitoes & hollie brown

23-01-04 at good morning capt.
with panel of judges & pumice


17-01-04 pat + julian harris (drums) at rics
with western star


28-09-03 at the rob roy
with panel of judges &
your wedding night

26-09-03 at cue bar with
new season & julian williams +

21-09-03 at gertrudes
with minimum chips &
ctrl alt delete +


02-08-03 pat solo at rics
with the devereaux +

XX-07-03 pat solo the healer with shuriken, the devereaux
& more

25-05-03 at tongue & groove with letraset,
the golden circles & ianw +

23-05-03 at paddington workers club with lazy ocean glitters
& the zebras +


11-12-02 at the builders arms with jon michell & radius

05-12-02 at the empress
with new season & a-mo

29-11-02 at the rob roy
with the hi-god people
& the cannanes +

99,00,01 big break

98 ???

97 (mostly pat solo)


12-10-97 pat and dion
big star records
with chris smith +


16-08-97 at the empress
with panel of judges
& matt nicholson


16-05-97 at goulburn arms
with golden lifestyle band,
50 million clowns, 40 watt stars & the stickmen +

09-05-97 at goulburn arms
with g.l.b + more

08-05-97 at round midnight
with g.l.b + ??

(also played at the barwon club in geelong, upstairs at the tote and others)



23-11-96 at the empress
with dragster

21-11-96 at the punters club
with the 3ds & something for kate


13-10-96 at 4ZZZ live-to-air?

28-09-96 at orient hotel
with golden lifestyle band & turnpike +

12-09-96 at babble-on with
sandpit & not from there + +

20-07-96 at phase 4
with minimum chips +

10-07-96 at the empress with
minimum chips & hispana tim

06-07-96 at the public bar
with minimum chips, sandpit & automatic

05-07-96 at the punters club with the earthmen & snowblind

04-07-96 at goo
with autohaze & valve

08-06-96 at bleach with
cardigan & blood party +

26-04-96 at the zoo with
the welcome mat & the melniks

07-04-96 at the roxy
with budd & others

29-03-96 at treasury hotel
with turnpike & the sump +

21-02-96 at griffith uni (day)

10-02-96 at 118 vulture street
with the hooray henrys, dragster, the sump
& minimum chips +



29-12-95 at orient hotel
with around the mud & lewd +

10-12-95 at the roxy with +
chris knox & shaughn o'donohue

30-11-95 at scrabble with + +
robert forster's warm nights

25-11-95 at livid festival (davies park) +

02-11-95 at babble-on with
sleepy township & molasses +

??-??-95 at the roxy
with drop city & the melniks

05-08-95 at van goghs earlobe
with crow & lewd

22-07-95 at van goghs earlobe
with biro & jupiter 2

18-06-95 at babble-on
with robert forster & custard

17-06-95 at the zoo
with screamfeeder & the verys

03-06-95 at albert park
(for world environment day)

31-05-95 at scrabble
with wondrous fair

22-04-95 at normanby hotel with
minimum chips & in my skin +

18-02-95 at 4ZZZ market day
(in multi-level car park at qld uni)

11-02-95 at the zoo
with the sump & lavish +

17-12-94 at evelyn hotel with
sickbay & ergot derivative

13-12-94 at arthouse hotel
with san jose cow muzak, o
& julian williams

11-12-94 at punter's club
with billy baxter & custard

08-12-94 at the empress
with clag & doublechin


03-12-94 at agincourt hotel with the cannanes & clag


26-11-94 at orient hotel
with the cannanes, tripod
& the sump +

24-11-94 at babble-on
with wondrous fair
& the safari suits

17-11-94 at rics (3 sets) +

11-11-94 at orient hotel
with the sump, tripod
& the elvis beatles

03-11-94 at babble-on (shelf-life launch)
with minimum chips +

29-10-94 at 4ZZZ market day
(in musgrave park)

22-10-94 at orient hotel
with the melniks

22-09-94 at babble-on
(salty & delicious zine launch)
with minimum chips, scour
& the fair muses +

08-09-94 at the buffalo club with he smooth age +

26-05-94 pat solo
at 'big time small-fi'
with minimum chips, tripod, ashtray boy, the sea haggs, the stoned posers & more +



??-??-93 at the valley fiesta

21-06-93 4ZZZ live-to-air +

11-04-93 at the attic with ?

08-04-93 at the zoo with ? +

26-03-93 at boulder lodge
with fur & emulsion +

12-03-93 at omniscient with neil armstrong experience,
queer & invisible empire +

& possibly 1 or 2 more?

30-04-92 4ZZZ live-to-air



23-03-91 pat solo
4ZZZ market day at albert park
with dream poppies, bam bams, chopper division, mad parade
& purple avengers

90 (incomplete, maybe)

01-08-90 at story bridge hotel +

21-06-90 at treasury hotel with
the hooray henrys & dog forbid +

24-05-90 at treasury hotel
with the holy ghosts +

25-04-90 at story bridge hotel +

89 (incomplete)
+ +
20-10-89 at easts leagues club
with dinosaur jr.
& purple avengers + +

02-09-89 4ZZZ garage sale +

23-08-89 at story bridge hotel +

01-07-89 at orient hotel
with ill will +

28-06-89 at story bridge hotel

27-10-88 at
the liquorice lounge +

29-09-88 at
the liquorice lounge with wondrous fair & mandy nolan +

(details of a 3rd show in 88
are lost in the mists of time)

soft knocks
Our new album*. Out now! Get it from your favourite record shop (maybe) or online from The Business (US) or
Tenth Court (Australia and everywhere else).*2017

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old news
25 May 2018
Pat will be playing solo at Primitive Motion's album launch on Saturday June 2 at Alchemix in South Brisbane. Costs $10
23 June 2017
Soft Knocks is released today! That's right, it's here, on LP and CD through Tenth Court. The cd is a co-release with new Melbourne label Trashed On Foam. Check out Soft Knocks' op art front cover here (click image to see back cover).
A new video clip for Daily Grind being assembled from lots of little pieces is due to hit youtube in a few days.
There's also a special cassette re-release of Side Projects from 1998, which is available as a bundle with Soft Knocks or on its own. Buy any of these from Tenth Court. Soft Knocks LP can also be ordered from The Business in the US.
5 May 2017
Our new album Soft Knocks will be out soon on Tenth Court. The release date is set for 23 June and we'll be launching it here & there some weeks later. Feel free to pre-order it.
And check out the new clip for Crash Crush: video
21 October 2016
Our Reissues Relaunch Tour is coming up, kicking off in Adelaide on the 10th of November then on to Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane. Tenth Court is releasing one of our new numbers "Party Pooper" as a single to coincide so we'll be launching that too! Details below. While in Melbourne we'll also be helping May Dreamers launch their new album at another show.
2 August 2016
Shelf-Life the LP has hit the streets. Get it while you can! Plans are afoot for some shows to "relaunch" Shelf-Life and Too Far Gone To Sell It (reissued in May) most likely in October.
Meanwhile Pat's playing solo in Brisbane on 17 September. That's with Sarah Chadwick and Matt Kennedy at Trainspotters. 12 June 2016
Siltbreeze's LP reissue of Shelf Life is out late this week! Can't say exactly when we'll be holding it in our hands here or making it available locally (stay tuned), but if you can't wait go here to get the vinyl from the US or download it.

Plus! CD stock shock: a bunch of ole Shelf Life CDs were recently found in the Either-Way Records garden shed, so we now have about sixty left instead of six, enough to bother putting it up for sale shortly. Good timing.

And of course there's the other reissue released a month ago, Too Far Gone To Sell It. Get the LP (+download) from the label, LCMR. It's also on sale at some stores eg Phase 4 and Rocking Horse in Brisbane, AG Picks in Richmond and maybe others. Have a listen and/or download it on bandcamp.
older news
31 May 2016
The Bakery Lane show (see below) has been changed to the following Saturday, June 11, as it's likely to be raining this weekend. Here's the poster:+
30 May 2016
I'm playing a solo show this Saturday afternoon, June 4 in Bakery Lane in The Valley in Brisbane, starting around 12:30-1pm. Primitive Motion are playing too! Pat
14 May 2016
The 12" LP reissue of "Too Far Gone To Sell It" is out today! Released by LCMR as a limited edition for the 25th anniv-
ersary of the 1991 cassette and 20th of the 10" lathe cut. Get the vinyl from LCMR here (download code included). For listening & downloads go here.
Meanwhile Siltbreeze's reissue of "Shelf Life" is slated for 17 June.
even older news
23 March 2016
Well the long-rumoured vinyl reissue of our '94 album "Shelf Life" on Siltbreeze is not too far off, it should hit the streets in 2-3 months. Meanwhile, new Brisbane label LCMR is re-releasing "Too Far Gone To Sell It" from 1991 also on 12" vinyl. That's expected in May so we'll be celebrating both at the same time with some live shows probably in July/August. We don't have any gigs planned before that but you never know. Our new album "Soft Knocks" is about ready to roll. You can listen to 2 of the tracks "Sugar Beats" and "Mirror Maze" on the player above, and there's now a picture of the front cover in the sound tab.
6 December 2015
We played our first show in Brisbane in a long time last weekend. Seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to the other bands who played and everybody who came.
26 November 2015
We're playing in Brisbane for the first time in a long time this weekend! See below for details.